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Alpha tester
As an alpha tester, I have to test deviantART features before they are released to beta testing. It means testing with different types of accounts and groups and different browsers. Alpha testers recruiting is closed for now.

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dAWishingWell is a group to help deviants with their dA wishes like getting more watchers, gathering some points, exchanging llamas and more. Everybody can join and make a wish (but please read the rules first).

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Angels Without Wings (AWW) is a bi-weekly feature of three deviants who are well known by the dA community. The founder of this project is Nameda and you can see details here.

SeniorSelections admin
SeniorSelections stands to feature premier artwork from the deviantART community through weekly features from each gallery category. As the anthro gallery and the photography - horror and macabre admin, I will feature one deviation a month in each of those categories. See my guidelines if you want to suggest an artwork.

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Johanne Marcoux
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About me
I mostly do digital art and casual photography!
I draw a lot of canines but my favorite animal is the bat!
I like mangas and animes, horror, fantasy and sci-fi.
I play World of Warcraft: both factions!
Je parle français!

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Journal History

How I fixed my group request limit

Tue Sep 20, 2016, 9:14 PM
At the end of August 2016, DeviantArt released a change to groups, limiting submissions in a group to 10 a day. This change also impacted the request limit for admins. And it was clear from the start that something was wrong. Some groups were able to request many artworks a day while others only 10 or even less. And there were also other issues: members submissions way higher than 10 a day, groups being hacked because their invites as admins were suddenly automatically approved, and maybe other issues that I don't know of. Since my own group was limited to a maximum of 10 requests a day, I decided, with the collaboration of the help desk, to investigate.

This article is an attempt to help groups with similar request issues as mine. I can't guarantee that what I've done with my group will work with yours. I cannot guarantee either that everyone of those steps are necessary. This is just what I've done and it fixed my problems somehow!

But if you are reading this because you wish to know how you can voice your opinion to DeviantArt about this change, I will write a bit about this at the end of this journal.

How requests are supposed to work

As a founder, or an admin, you should be able to request up to 10 deviations per folder per admin. It's all a matter of settings and knowing how this thing works.

It's not about the time, it's about the time span!

From the Help Desk: The day setting is for the full 24 hours span. It should reset at midnight on the UTC timezone.

If you request artworks at 9 PM, they will still count as your daily request amount the next day at 9 AM. If you reach the limit, you'll have to wait 24 hours before requesting again! Wondering why your request limit seems to change from one day to another? It's the time! 

Stay away from the Featured folder!

The Featured folder can only be set on the Global Submission Limit. The Global Submission Limit is the total amount of deviations a person is allowed to submit/request in the group. If you set your all your Folder-specific limits to "Global settings", it means that the deviant will not be able to submit more than your Global Submission Limit IN TOTAL for all the group! Ring a bell yet? I will explain later how you can set your Folder-specific limit to avoid the Global Submission Limit.

If you request 10 artworks in any of you group's folder, it counts toward the Global Submission Limit, and since the Featured folder doesn't have a "Folder-specific limit", it means you won't able to request anything in the Featured folder. So if you use the Featured folder to request artworks, no wonder you're limited to 10 a day!

This is the message when you reach the Global Submission Limit:

GlobalMessage by Stygma

Tip: Request to your Featured folder first!

How I fixed my group

Reset Group Permissions

Only the Founder must do this task, because any other admin will remove their own privileges to the group!

Your settings might look OK, it doesn't mean that they are! Sometimes, when DeviantArt releases a change to groups, the internal data (unseen to you) can be corrupted. If you don't mind resetting your group, do it! It might fix many issues!

In your Admin Area, on the Manage Members page, you will find on the right bottom side of the page, a "Reset Group Permissions" button that will allow you to start anew! 

GroupRequests Reset by Stygma

Setting the Folder-specific limit

Go to your Admin Area, on the Manage Members page.

If either your Moderators and Contributors can request artworks, don't bother adjusting the settings for both of these roles, unless you want different settings for them. You can set the privileges of Any Administrator and all of them will be covered. But to be safe, I did change the Founder settings too (it might not be necessary if you set Any Administrator). 

Select the Founder role. On the right panel, you will find under "On Gallery, Founder:" a link called "Show All Folders". Click it to be able to see the settings of all your folders.

For your Featured folder, choose a Global Submission Limit of 10 deviation per day. Remember: is you submit to any folder other that the Featured folder, it counts toward the limit of your Featured folder!

For each of your folders, set the Folder-specific limit to 10 deviation per day.

Repeat for Any Administrator or the admin role that can request artworks in your group. You can also do the same process for your group's Favorites.

In a while, you'll be able to request 10 deviation per folder per admin per 24 hours span (except for the Featured folder, unless you request to this one first!)

This is the message when you reach the Folder-specific limit:

FolderMessage by Stygma
  GroupRequests Roles by Stygma  GroupRequests AllFolders by Stygma GroupRequests Folders by Stygma

Settings the members

For Members, Affiliates or Deviants, depending who can submit in your group, you'll have to fix the settings too (especially if you reset the group permissions). But it might be wise to set the Folder-specific limit to Global Settings for most of your folders, if you want to avoid SPAM. You can chose a different Global Submission Limit for your members than for your admins as well. Remember that if you chose to set the Folder-specific limit to something else than Global Settings, it means your members might be able to submit more than 10 deviations a day to your group since they will be able to submit to each of those folders. In short, if you set the Global Submission Limit to 10 a day and leave the Folder-specific limit of all your folders to Global Settings, your members will only be able to submit 10 deviations a day to your group IN TOTAL.

Be patient!

Remember that 24 hours span? It seems that changing the settings of your group won't reset that waiting time. If you already requested artworks in the last 24 hours, you will have to wait more to see any change!

What else can we do?

Do not send your opinion or suggestions to the Help Desk

The job of the Help Desk is to help people fix actual problems (like bugs). They don't take suggestions or opinions. It's useless to lash at them. They won't tell you any business secrets! They won't change anything for you and they can't! The people answering at the Help Desk are not the ones taking business decisions or coding the site! (But if anything you do can't fix your problems, then it's time to contact them!)

Use the Suggestion Forum and use it wisely

We don't have a place for opinions (or ranting), but we do have a place for suggestions! But... for a suggestion to be seen by the staff, it must gain votes! Therefore, it's useless to send 100 suggestions of the same subject! It's way better to give 100 votes to a suggestion!

Here are some suggestions on the topic you can vote on if you agree:

Save journals about the request/submission limit in your Favorites to show that your care!

Journals with many views and favorites can make it to the Today page! We can show our concern by promoting those journals!

PLEASE everyone...........Pay Attention!ALL Staff/Founders on Groups.
All Members.
Global Settings on d/a!  ON most Groups (not all ) cannot 'request/submit MORE than 10 submissions a day!  This is supposed to be for each Folder! This is NOT limit for requests on: JennyStokes-Fav's is 10 (some days) others a LOT more!
I KNOW from the comments I have been reading from Groups.....some ONLY get 10!
I also know that quite a few Founders have closed their Groups down.
I am seeing less and less 'art' on here which is what this Site is all about.
From comments and some Staff this is supposedly to STOP 'spam' which is crap! We all know how to stop spam?
This is mainly because d/a wishes to 'cut down' on it's servers...........I fear the end of d/a is upon us.
I have sent out the comments to all my 'watchers' and HOPE thay you all will take the time to do this also.............Go to: D/a Comments.....recent.
This is NOT a bug!
Thank you
Changes for ALL Groups
This is a blog for   DevNews  ~  These other Groups will, also, feature the blog:  ohioDeviants   Group-Eaze   disney-parkhoppers   DisneyDreamers  
Lurking  RE: Changes in Groups and "Add Media"
deviantART Groups  ALL groups now have a ten submission-per-day limit for galleries AND Favorites for Founders, Administrators and Members. Not per folder. Per DAY; a 24-hour period from the second a Deviation is submitted, and not a DA "day" that starts and ends at midnight PST or PDT, so no thinking ten items can be submitted at 11:30 PM PST then again at 12:01 AM PST!
Be advised that the ten-per-day limit is for Super Groups, as well as Non-Subscribed Groups!
That means for DevNews especially, it will be far more difficult to run the group since the gallery depends on being able t
Let's Talk About... The New Group Artwork LimitSo recently, the DA Staff changed something about groups.
They made groups have a 10 artwork limit each day.
I do not feel like that is right. Some people's lives depend on getting advertised in groups.
In sent in a ticket, and here is what I said:
'Dear DA staff,
Please consider changing the amount of allowed works for groups.
Your recent change of the max 10 a day is not enough. You have said you changed this to try and stop spam but I find that reason not good enough; people rely on groups to get commissions and make an income.
When people do not see their work they lose business.
You are hurting the community as a whole by having this limit, and I don't think it's right.
What if their only source of income comes from getting commissions, and they end up not having enough art displayed, and get none. What if they were going to lose their house or they needed money for food, but they couldn't get enough advertisement because there wasn't a good enough limit in the groups?
Some people
Max 10 per day per groupMy conversation with the help desk on the stupid " Max 10 per day per group " rule DA has tried to hide & lie about
DeviantArt Support
Hi There,
Thanks for your inquiry. I'm afraid this isn't a bug but rather an attempt to reduce group spam on site. Each member of a group is now only able to add up to 10 deviations to the group per day depending on your group's settings. Our data shows it was very rare for individual group admins to add more than that so the 100 and 1000 deviation options were not in use except to spread spam.
While we regret the inconvenience this may cause, our investigation shows that 10 deviations per member of a group per day is quite generous. This means you can add 10 per day, each of your admins could add 10 per day, and each of your members could add 10 per day. If you have your group settings maxed out to allow 10 deviations into a group per day for each class and you have 100 people in your group that is 1,000 devia
Limits in groups and Add Media restrictionsThis is published in:
:iconthefavouriteshowcase: :iconsoulcollectors: :iconallartsupport: :iconglobal-photos:
:icontraditionalpainting: :iconnature-paradise: :iconnine-muses: :iconwow-macros:

I'm administrating 8 groups on dA: :iconthefavouriteshowcase: was founded by me 6 years ago and the others were all adopted, their founders couldn't take care of them and asked for help because they didn't want to see them closed and neither did I - so you may imagine that all of this is much work and many hours spent.
My original group was Super Group until last year but, after so many problems I had to deal with (issues in the management of galleries, poll issues, blog issues, request issues, invite issues, log issues) , I decided I wouldn't pay any more for a bad service.
I was almost for a year (since July 2015 until May 2016) without sending invites to join the group, which were blocked because of a messed coding:
The Help Desk response was that "it is very hard to code group
Group Submission Limits and Issues with dAAll right. I'm going to be adding links to other journals on this issue as I find them in addition to sharing my experience and why I don't like the new feature concerning group submission limits. Please don't ignore this journal, this is important for all of us users. Thanks in advance to everyone who reads the whole journal.
By now you probably know that groups have a maximum submission limit of 10 deviations per day per folder. This isn't really news anymore.
I am an admin of 8 groups, in 7 of those, I'm the founder. I submit anything to my groups that fits their purpose, mostly only for the seven I created, as the other is quite large and have more active members. I have experienced problems adding deviations to my group gallery, primarily for OriginalComicsGalore. I should be able to add 10 deviations to each folder per day, as you can see here: I have double checked the setting for my group. It doesn't help or change anything. I c

If you would like me to add your journal, suggestion, status or forum entry about this topic here, just let me know!

Hope this journal will help a bit! Stay devious! :heart:

Skin by SimplySilent


Oops! I forgot something when testing and had to test again. I will write a journal with my findings once I have an answer on a question to the Help Desk. But here is how you can make your group requests works:

Note that if you request artworks in a folder, even if the folder has it's own limit set, it counts toward the global limit.

1- Make sure that all your folders have their "Folder-specific limit" set to 10 a day (and not to "Global Settings") - I forgot one last night; silly me!
2- Do this to all level of admins/members/affiliates/users that can request/submit 10 artworks per folder per day (note that you can set "Any Administrator" if all your admins can do that)
3- Beware of the time! I requested artworks around 9 PM yesterday and it was still counting as "today" around noon today. Now I'm waiting to know if it's because of the server time or if we must wait 24 hours after the last requests) - No wonder it looks random!
4- Once you've requested 10 artworks, you won't be able to request anything in the "Featured" folder since this one can only be set to the "Global submission limit". - And that's why some of my previous tests failed!
Yep! I found the request bug! Or at least for me...

If I alternate between folders when I request artworks, I can request more than 10 artworks in my group! If I request 10 artworks in the same folder, then I'm stuck with the red-message-of-group-death and can no longer request artworks in any folder! Guess that if I stick with 9 artworks in each folder, I can request of bucket load of art! 

I've sent my findings to the Help Desk and hopefully, they'll be able to fix this! :D
A bit of news about the request limit in groups. Some groups can request a maximum of 10 deviations when other groups are able to request more. Apparently, you are supposed to be able to request 10 for each of your folders. For Furry-Tales, it doesn't work, but it seems to work for others. I have an open ticket about this and discussions are started. It looks like a bug. I'll give you more news when I'll know more!

About comments...

You're welcome! :heart:

You don't have to thank me for a watch, a fave or a llama, but I don't mind if you do! :dalove:


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